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ZUB INVESTMENT is an investing company focusing on a dynamic and decisive approach to investment. We operate a straightforward and effective business model while our strong team of local and international business professionals is highly skilled in identifying commercial potential and translating it into live, growing business entities.

We welcome all opportunities and embrace innovation. ZUB INVESTMENT has interest in growth-industry opportunities and focuses on shareholder value creation while maintaining transparent shareholding and governance structures. Our areas of interest are crypto mining investment, cryptocurrency-related services, financial services, consultancy, and procurement and supply.

ZUB INVESTMENT’s partnership ethos is aligned with its company values and its partnership with companies that have a proven track record, transformed, and are geared for profitable earnings. Our investment strategy is threefold – initial investments are purely financial followed by the acquisition of specialized skills and experience and lastly operational involvement and control with a view of expanding its interests in the long term.

Our Vision

Grow by being the Best in Service, Quality, and Efficiency. To be the preferred investment and consultancy services provider to the clients we service

Our Mission

Our mission is to add value with active portfolio management to help our clients reach their long-term financial goals. We achieve this through our investment & consulting strategies, adhering to our values and investment principles, and offering employees a challenging and rewarding place to build a career.
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Our Values


We take pride in our work and organization, act with integrity at all times, comply with ZUB policies and standards, honor the confidentiality of clients and employees, and promote the positive image of the organization through all our actions

Service Excellence

We are client-focused, constantly expanding our knowledge and communicating our understanding of regional markets and business activities, driven to anticipate client needs, and improve the quality and efficiency of the products and services we deliver.

performance driven

Aligned with our long-term strategy, we aim to realize the potential of our team, faster encourage an environment of high performers, and recognize, reward, and promote individuals based on merit and delivery of strategic results.


We exemplify a sense of unity and teamwork throughout the organization, respect other team members, and promote communication and cooperation between departments in the overall interest of ZUB

Why Choose us?


The specialised services we offer are the result of a dynamic combination of brilliant minds and competencies offered by our strategic links and alliances. This shared expertise will ensure that every service we render will be instrumental to our organization’ success.


Zub Investments is a one-stop shop that features a unique capability to offer comprehensive services and handle all your requirements, creating added value for you as we provide our clients utmost convenience, reduced costs, more efficient service delivery, and faster project completion.


Zub Investments prides itself on possessing a high standard of craftmanship demonstrating the highest quality of work and delivering competitive advantages through our dedicated and highly competent team of specialists.


Every subsidiary’s specialization serves as one of the core strengths of the entire group, complementing each other, and further optimizing the quality of our services and enhancing customer satisfaction.


We understand your needs and we value your aspirations; thus, we guarantee that every project is made perfectly suitable to your requirements. As we give utmost importance to upholding our reputation, we make sure that transparency is practiced in every transaction and communication


We are not only a group of service providers, but also your trusted partner en every stage of your project. We have professional team members who will work with you closely from planning to execution and completion.

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