Vientiane Capital, Lao P.D.R

ZUB strive to deploy the organization’s resources effectively specially in FOCUSED AREAS

With a strong relationship with the local bank in Laos, we provide different financial products and services such as opening individual and corporate bank accounts, Wire transfers, Debit card issuance, Bank mobile application and Bank online portal.
A sector that supports almost all investment areas is that of technological advancement. We investment in predictive intelligence, augmented reality and AI projects, particularly in the industries in which we operate in.
In the growing demand for cryptocurrencies in the industry, we provide crypto-related services and products such as OTC trades, crypto mining services, crypto machines distribution and other cryptocurrency exchange services
Investment in infrastructure in crucial to both developed and developing economies. At the World Economic Forum 2019, it was revealed that the global community is facing a $15 trillion gap between projected investment and infrastructure requirements by 2040. ZUB investment actively looks for niche infrastructure projects allied to its Energy & Natural Resources projects.
ZUB has a proven track record in the energy sector. We recognize the need for to consultancy evolve as new technologies provide better solutions for the world’s growing needs. ZUB, through its Mining and Sentinel Commodities subsidiaries, is actively involved monetizing trapped natural resources and proprietary trading of menerals, oil and gas
New developments in the medical and well-being space are helping us to have longer, healthier lives. ZUB is committed to being at the forefront of these developments and to promote cutting-edge and affordable healthcare solutions.